Welcome to the Watervliet Local Development Corporation (LDC)

Resources for Business

Watervliet is Open for BusinessWatervliet is a bedroom community with great neighborhoods and friendly neighbors. New development, renewed prosperity at the Watervliet Arsenal, and our location in the center of New York's Tech Valley makes us attractive to a variety of new and existing businesses. Our goal is to continue to develop and implement plans that make Watervliet one of the Capital Region's most desirable communities to live, work and invest in.

Our City is open for business, a strong community and a great place to live and work. With property and building space available for your next great idea, we are perfectly positioned in the Capital Region and geographically centered for your company's growth in Tech Valley. Our leaders are always open for ideas and we welcome you to contact us.

City of Watervliet Business Directory - all city businesses are encouraged to add their contact information to this directory.

Watervliet is Open For Business - The City and the Watervliet Local Development Corporation welcome you and your business to our City.

Business Resource Guide - The guide provides information pertaining to the process of starting or expanding your business in the City as well a list of available resources to help you along the way.

Comprehensive Plan - The City's first ever comprehensive master plan was developed in 2010. This plan presents goals, objectives, guidelines and policies for the immediate and long range protection, enhancement growth and community development. 

Zoning Map - In 2013 the City developed a new zoning ordinance that brings Watervliet into alignment with the Comprehensive Plan. This plan allows the City to move forward with comprehensive, sustainable and smart approach to economic development and allows for the building of a strong community for our residents.

City Charter - Revisions to the City's charter and code are currently underway.

Local Waterfront Revitalization Plan - This plan was released in 2004 and discusses the reconnection of the City to its waterfront.

City of Watervliet Bicycle Master Plan and Intracity Connections Plan - These plans, developed in 2013, are used as the guiding documents for the development of a network of bicycle routes and activity centers within the City as well as links to the larger regional network.

Watervliet Climate Action Plan - Watervliet is a community built around the innovations and evolution of sustainable design, green technology and is committed to preserving its green space. Recognized as a "Climate Smart Community" by the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation, the City works to aid businesses and property owners looking to retrofit existing infrastructure or start new construction, with cost saving sustainable design and technology.

Department of Planning and Community Development - Charged with helping to develop a comprehensive plan, implement sustainable practices and encourage green design and tackle needed zoning reforms. This department is spearheading the City's efforts to attract federal and state planning and economic development grants and works to promote Watervliet as a safe and friendly community to live and work.

Available Commercial Property Space - Listing of current vacant commercial properties in the City. Listings include property photo, square footage, parking information, zoning details, city map showing property location and contact information.